Holistic Yoga Therapy Training in Belgium 2016-2019
Apr 21

Holistic Yoga Therapy Training in Belgium 2016-2019

In the classical tradition of Professor Sri T Krishnamacharya, represented through Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation, Yoga Therapy is practiced with the following orientation:
• As a self-empowering process, where the Care Seeker is responsible for his/her healing process.
• In an individualized, one-to-one setting
• As multi-dimensional in its approach, often utilizing many tools of Yoga
• As an individual centric process
• As a context sensitive method, respecting the age, occupation, ability and other parameters of the
• As an evolving process, not an instant solution
• As a personal and spiritual development path, and a process to develop one’s own unique strengths
• As a collaborative and complementary system of self-health care.

This program will offer an in-depth training in applying the holistic principles of Yoga as a complementary system of healing. This training program is most suited for those who would like to become Yoga Therapists and for those who wish to develop individualized complementary Yoga Therapy processes for students with different kinds of ailments or health concerns. By undergoing this intense training, students learn about the therapeutic aspects of Yoga so that they may facilitate others in their journey towards self-empowerment, healing and personal transformation.
It will also provide a good opportunity for trainees to develop their own unique strengths as healers.

Holistic Yoga Therapy Training in India 2017- 2020
Jul 10

Holistic Yoga Therapy Training in India 2017- 2020

Yoga is gaining popularity as a complementary system of healing and health due to the multidimensional benefits that go beyond just addressing the physical body. Yoga not only offers an insight into how to evolve and maintain a better state of well-being but has emerged as a powerful tool that can help alleviate illnesses that could have its origin in the physiological, psychological and/or emotional aspects.

Yoga Therapy is a complementary and holistic health care system that addresses the needs of the whole person through continuous adaptation of its many tools to suit each student’s unique and changing needs. Hence a deeper understanding of the entire gamut of Yoga’s tools, its fundamental processes, and their practical application becomes critical.

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