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RUDRAM| Dancing with our Emotions

  • Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation Greenways Road Extension Chennai, TN, 600028 India (map)

“tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam | urvarukamiva bandhanat mrtyor mukshyamamrtat.”- “We worship the three eyed one, who is fragrant and makes us prosperous. Like a gourd from its stalk, may he release us from death and lead us to immortality.”

In many Yoga traditions like the Natha tradition that propagated the Hathayoga system, the god Siva is regarded as the first of all Yogins, the one that gave the teachings to humanity and the one that can take us to the realms of the inner minds and even bestow the sincere seeker with immortality. Yoga as a spiritual practice invites us to cultivate the Siva consciousness of the highest awareness. Siva as a spiritual force turns things around and inside out, draws the focus back into our self and takes us on a journey to the depths of the heart where the source resides.
This is the basis of the famous Vedic Rudram chant to Siva in the Yajurveda, in which one learns to honor the Divine power and mystery not only in beauty, bliss and happiness, but also in sorrow, difficulty and death. Siva helps us embrace both sides of all dualities so that we can move beyond the dualities to the essence of oneness which is the deepest awareness. Rudram guides meditation, teaching us to observe, contemplate and not react, providing us with a cosmic view of the events in our lives and the emotions in our minds, so these can never overwhelm us. Rudram also creates a pressure inside to bring our awareness back to our own separation inside and to release toxic belief systems that need to be purified. Rudra, another name for Lord Siva, is the great purifier, healer and transformer.
In this profound seminar students will have the opportunity to learn Rudram and experience its transformative power on themselves. Some additional supportive chants, both Vedic and non-Vedic, will also be taught that are not only uplifting in vibrations, but also have great healing potential. This experiential seminar will be taught in a serene and safe environment and will explore these topics in a manner that honors the tradition of ancient Acarya-s. It is highly recommended for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists as well as everyone who is on a spiritual path. We warmly invite you to engage in this very special retreat to begin or sustain your spiritual journey.
The course is recommended to all serious practitioners of Yoga and Vedic chanting or anyone who is seeking to engage in a deep and sincere inquiry into spirituality. Those also looking to heal themselves spiritually or looking to make profound changes in their lives will also find this retreat supportive. The main faculty for the seminar will be Mrs. Menaka Desikachar and Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. The seminar will involve chanting, presentation of the meanings of these chants and also simple yet potent meditative practices that are associated with them. A powerful traditional Vedic fire-ritual in honor of the Lord Siva will also be organized as part of the retreat.

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