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SRI SAKTI | The Power of the Divine Feminine

  • Maison Notre Dame du Chant D'Oiseau Avenue des Franciscains 3A 1150 brussels belgium (map)

Sri is the name given to the divine feminine that manifests in so many forms around this wonderful universe. It is believed in the Vedic tradition that Sri is indeed the power that creates, nourishes, protects, heals and eventually liberates.  The Vedic tradition offers special meditative practices and melodious chants that serve as profound tools to assist us in honoring the divine feminine and hopefully engage in a sustained connection with her. All these chants have a unique melody and power, and transport us to domains that are beyond the material and metaphysical.
This experiential weekend seminar taught in a serene and safe environment will explore these topics in a manner that honors tradition while making it relevant for our modern times. We warmly invite you to engage in this very special retreat to begin or sustain your spiritual journey.

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