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Asana Jayam. Mastering Asana Practice

  • KHYF, Chennai Stone Link Avenue Chennai India (map)

“Sariramadhyam khalu dharma sadhanam” - In order to fulfill our dharma, first start with the body.

In Yogic understanding, the body is the temple or house of our soul and should therefore be treated with great respect. For this reason, the Yogin-s of the past extolled that maintaining our body with holistic health is indeed our primary dharma. In order to fulfill our potentials and life purpose, we should keep it in pristine health, not just at the surface level, but also at more subtle layers. The science of Yoga offers different tools that address and support the human structure at different layers of our existence. Asana-s were therefore developed by the classical Yogin-s to vitalize the body as well as keep it healthy and free it of different forms of toxins.
Yet to master Asana-s, it is not enough to just learn their techniques and merely practice them as physical fitness excercises. Rather, Yogin-s understood that a range of holistic methods should be integrated into their practices so that the different postures would become potent for an individual and render their complete benefits. These special methods include the appropriate utilization of potent breathing techniques (Prana-prayoga), special energetic locks (Mudra-s & Bandha-s), energetic gestures (NyAsa-s) and the utilization of Mantra-s. Integrating them into practice would not only bring deeper experiences of the postures, but also bring a host of effects that can help us in our own journey of personal transformation.
This retreat has been planned and designed in such a manner that serious Yoga practitioners, even those who have learnt and practice challenging Asana-s for a long time, will be able to take their practice to more profound levels. Asana-s of all levels will be explored and practiced in a safe environment. Participants will experience the often formidable and potent effects of integrating the special methods into Asana practice, as originally ordained by the Yogin-s of the past. Insights into how to personalize such experiences in one’s own practice and in those of students will also be explored through practical workshops. Teachings held as secret by the Yogin-s about the energetic benefits of postures will also be explored. These will make this retreat a very special one, and students will learn what they normally won’t in most teacher training programs.
We warmly invite you to engage in this very special retreat to begin or sustain your Yoga journey. An appropximate timetable* of the program will be the following:
7.30am Practice
9.00am Practical Workshop 2.00pm Practical Workshop
10.00am Insights into Äsana-s 3.00pm Insights into Äsana-s
11.00am Practice 4.00pm Practice
The course is recommended to all serious practitioners and anyone who is seeking to engage in a deep and sincere inquiry into the authentic teachings of classical Yoga. The main faculty for this powerful seminar will be Dr. Kausthub Desikachar & Mrs. Menaka Desikachar.
* - This Timetable is only approximate, and will be confirmed to participants closer to actual date of retreat.
13-24 February 2017 | Participants are advised to come a day or two early to acclimatize with the environment and also complete all registration formalities.
€545 Early Bird Price | Registration and payment on or before 31 October 2016
€595 Normal Price | Registration and payment from 01 November 2016
Participants can pay through cash, wire transfer or credit card (Paypal). For all Paypal payments a transaction tax of 5% will be added. For bank transfers, participants must cover bank charges on both ends.
The training program will be conducted in the serene setting of Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation, located at: Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.
6 (Old #5) Stone Link Avenue, R A Puram, Chennai 600028, India

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