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Camp for Champs: Yoga Day for children

Disciplines like Yoga firmly advocate that the earlier it is introduced in one’s life, the better its value. As it will not only equip the person with better health and mind from a younger age, but also provide one with a deeper connection to oneself that can function as an inner guiding mechanism throughout one’s life. This is why traditionally in India, parents were advised to begin Yogic practices even prior to conception so that not only would it help in healthy conception and pregnancy, but also it would be an opportunity to influence the manifestation of positive predispositions in the yet to be born infant. Children after their birth, were already exposed to this powerful discipline very early so that they could develop a sound body, mind and emotional structure to cope with life in a positive and vibrant manner. Many classical texts such as the Yogarahasya of Nāthamuni, advocate teaching Yoga right from pre-conception time and offer guidance on what techniques and practices must be adopted at different stages of childhood.
These teachings become more and more relevant in today’s times when children suffer from a wide range of challenges such as illness, attention deficit, distractions from social media, peer pressure broken homes, traumas and the like, that disconnect them from their own reality. Yoga when introduced very early in their lives would be a strong support to help them empower themselves in shaping a better tomorrow. Not just for themselves, but also for the entire planet as a whole.

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