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Advanced Yoga. And Introduction to Yoga Therapy

  • Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen Denmark (map)

Kausthub Desikachar - son of TKV Desikachar and grandson to the modern yoga's father T. Krishnamacharya - visiting Copenhagen and Sattva Yoga at Pinsen, and will give a lecture and three-day courses in depth different aspects of yoga's therapeutic methods and advanced Yoga practices. The course aims to increase your awareness of yoga's therapeutic effects enrich your yoga practice and provide inspiration for your lessons. The 4 day program will cover the different topics: Friday Lecture : Introduction to Yogatherapy. Saturday: Breathing and Bandhas. Sunday: Mantra and Sound. Monday: Mudras.

The courses are not a yoga therapy training and therefore not qualify to use the knowledge and techniques of one-to-one therapeutic purposes. The purpose is only to create empowerment with you and possibly inspiration for your classroom lessons.

On the three days of training, we will work in depth with three exciting areas with huge potential. The courses can be both taken together or individually.

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