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Sri Sakti: Honoring the Divine Feminine

Sri is the name given to the divine feminine that manifests in so many forms around this wonderful universe. It is believed in the Vedic tradition that Sri is indeed the power that creates, nourishes, protects, heals and eventually liberates. She also expresses herself as energy and pervades through every being, bringing light and life, knowledge and illumination, purity and sacredness. She is also half of the universal polarity principle and is the connecting force through which the two unite as one, transcending the domains of matter and concsciousness.
The Vedic tradition honors her through many different forms such as Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati, Durga, and Bhu, just to name a few. The tradition has taught us to see this beautiful and powerful force in all forms and beings, and connect to it in our hearts. The Vedic tradition expounds that though omnipresent, Sri is happily residing in our hearts, waiting to be discovered through chant, meditation and other subtle practices. By realizing her, we will experience great benefits such as good health, vitality, healing, spontaneity, creativity, spiritual illumination and most importantly, union with the universal divine consciousness.
The Vedic tradition offers special meditative practices and melodious chants that serve as profound tools to assist us in honoring the divine feminine and hopefully engage in a sustained connection with her. All these chants have a unique melody and power, and transport us to domains that are beyond the material and metaphysical.
This experiential seminar taught in a serene and safe environment will explore these topics in a manner that honors the tradition of ancient Acarya-s. We warmly invite you to engage in this very special retreat to begin or sustain your spiritual journey. An appropximate timetable* of the program will be the following:

9.00am Theme Presentation
10.00am Chanting Session
11.00am Meditative Practice
2.00pm Pranayama Practice
3.00pm Theme Presentation
4.00pm Chanting Session

The course is recommended to all serious practitioners of Yoga and Vedic chanting or anyone who is seeking to engage in a deep and sincere inquiry into spirituality. Those also looking to heal themselves spiritually or looking to make profound changes in their lives will also find this retreat supportive. The main faculty for the seminar will be Mrs. Menaka Desikachar and Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. The seminar will involve chanting, presentation of the meanings of these chants and also simple yet potent meditative practices that are associated with them. A powerful traditional Vedic fire-ritual in honor of the divine feminine will also be organized as part of the retreat.
* - This Timetable is only approximate, and will be confirmed to participants closer to actual date of retreat. Also please note that depending on the pace in which the group learns, some of these chants may be omitted and/or others may be included.

02 Jan - 13 Jan 2017 | Participants are advised to come a day or two early to acclimatize with the environment and also complete all registration formalities.
€545 Early Bird Price | Registration and payment on or before 31 October 2016
€595 Normal Price | Registration and payment from 01 November 2016
Participants can pay through cash, wire transfer or credit card (Paypal). For all Paypal payments a transaction tax of 5% will be added. For bank transfers, participants must cover bank charges on both ends.

The training program will be conducted in the serene setting of Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation, located at: Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation.
6 (Old #5) Stone Link Avenue, R A Puram, Chennai 600028, India
Phone +91.44.42066856 Email

Sri-stuti Bhu-stuti
Mahalaksmiashtakam Mahisasuramardini-stotram
Kanakadhara-stotram Meenakshi-pancaratnam
Lakshmi-kavacam Durga-suktam
Sarasvati-suktam Gayatri-kavacam

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