Yoga and the art of healthy relationships

“Yoga is relationship“- Sir T.K.V. Desikachar
If we inquire into the state of our existence, we soon realize that the quality of our life mainly depends on the quality of our relationships. All the relationships we share can be categorised into three fundamental sets - The relationship we have to our own self, the relationship we have to others and the environment and the relationship we have to the divine or source consciousness.
Yoga philosophy teaches us that in essence, these three relationships are all inter-connected and even sustain each other. The way we relate, value, see and treat ourselves determines how we relate, value, see and treat others and the environment around us. Similarly, the more we connect to our own higher self, the more we will feel guided by the source consciousness that connects us all.
All projections that we play out in our daily life, from simple judgments of others to negative behavioral patterns that we repeat in relationships, mirror core beliefs and imprints that we have accumulated in our life or that have been transmitted through upbringing and ancestry. Yoga calls these imprints Vasana-s (when they are subconscious / sublimnal) or Smrti-s (when they become part of our memory). Yoga also supports us to not only realize and understand these patterns and projections from a place of clarity, but also helps us to clear energetic imprints that do not serve us on our paths.
This experiential and meditative seminar will support participants in their own realizations of energetic blockages and projections that undermine their ability to connect to themselves, others and the divine. The seminar will not only give space and inspiration for self-exploration (Svadhyaya), but will also offer an understanding how the different relationships are connected to our energetic anatomy and how they can be addressed through the tools of Yoga.
Relevant themes that concern relationships will be explored through discussion, meditation and dialog. The seminar will also offer a safe space for sacred practices that will connect us to our hearts and support the healing work needed to restore the imbalances in our three sets of relationships. Special focus will be given to healing practices that will stimulate a better connection to oneself, others and the divine.
This seminar is recommended for everyone that is on a spiritual path and wants to form a better relationship to themselves, others or the divine. It is also highly suggsted for anyone who wants to work on and heal himself or herself from the imprints they may have accumulated through their own life experiences and traumas, or from their ancestors.

This seminar will be taught in English and translated into German.

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