Vedic Chant Teacher Training India 2017- 2020

  • KHYF Chennai, India Chennai India

Vedic chanting is gaining popularity all over the world, not just because it is the most authoritative
source of Indian wisdom, but also because when appropriately rendered, it has multiple benefits.
Some of the merits of Vedic Chanting are:
• It can be applied in different ways with different effects. Hence, Vedic chanting can be effectively
used in healing and yoga therapy.
• Vedic chanting is a powerful way to integrate body, voice, mind and our emotions.
• Certain vibrations that are produced while chanting can enhance physical and mental health.
• The process of “Adhyayanam” involves listening closely to the teacher and reproducing the chant
exactly as it is being uttered. This requires utmost attention and focus, and helps developing
concentration and memory.
• Mastering this ancient tradition of Vedic Chanting requires repeated practice, which in the long
run, adds to building patience and dedication.
• Listening to Vedic chanting and practicing it can also calm the mind. In fact, chanting is considered
to be one of the important forms of meditation.
• Vedic chants help in relieving stress and promoting efficiency.

KHYF’s Vedic Chant Teacher training program has become as popular as its unique Yoga Teacher and
Yoga Therapy training programs. One of the few organizations to offer this certification, KHYF has
conducted this program in Austria, United Kingdom and also in India. This program is for all those
who wish to become professional teachers of Vedic chanting.
Following the holistic teachings of T Krishnamacharya, KHYF has designed the practice of this ancient
Indian tradition into a well structured course of study. The method of teaching is traditional, where
chants are taught orally to students. The syllabi of the teaching course was set under the supervision
of TKV Desikachar & has been reviewed and updated by Mrs Menaka Desikachar and a team of
educational advisers to Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation. The course will be conducted
by KHYF faculty.

This comprehensive course conducted in English will:
• Provide an insight into the origin and evolution of the Veda-s and their content and scope
• Present Vedic chanting as a powerful tradition that is as relevant in the 21st Century as it was a
thousand years ago.
• Help students practice Vedic chanting keeping in line with the rules and pedagogy of chanting.
• Help students experience Vedic chanting as an important tool in the process of meditation.
• Offer an understanding of the application of Vedic chanting for health and healing

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We asked questions to some of the current Vedic Chant Teacher Trainees and to some of the Teachers and we made them chant. Check it out: